5 Signs Your Makeup Bag Needs Updating!

Just as clothes style changes so to does make up trends, but its easy to stick to what we know and play it safe. Spring is a time of rebirth! making it the perfect time to clean out that make up bag and boast a new look. Stars that have reinvigorated their looks and reinvented themselves  flawlessly through the decades include  Madonna, Kylie and Cher so how do you know your makeup bag needs updating?  

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1.You do not have a makeup bag or own a makeup brush!

If you dont own a make up bag or brush but do use make up you are most likely applying products with your fingers and throwing your makeup into your bag after use?
If this is the case you are inviting bacteria and other nasties to build up on your products, so it could be time to invest in a makeup bag and some brushes to get the most from your makeup. 

2. It smells funky! 

Cosmetics do go off and will have an open jar symbol on the packaging to show you when opened how long you can use before it is past its use. Shelve life is a different thing that is how long the product is sage & stable for- example if a product has an spf or antibacterial property it will have an expiry date on. Using products that are out of date or past there open jar symbols can be a bad idea and could potentially cause issues on the skin.

3. Its making you look older instead of younger!

The point of cosmetics is that they make you feel  good and look enhanced and beautified, if your products are not doing that for you then its time for a change. Our skin changes tone and condition over time and what suited us a few years or months ago might not suit us now. Its a good idea to pop to a professional cosmetic counter or beauty salon before investing in products to check on your skin condition and type so you can shop effectively and get products that will work with your skin best.

3. You can put it on in the dark perfectly!

You have your product too long if you can apply without looking, and you should always blend well so a mirror and good lighting is an essential part of the makeup kit. 

4. You are sporting an umpa lumpa orange skin!

In the past orange based tans and sunbed skin was popular but modern skin and beauty routines work on protection and illuminating the skin. It is no longer uncool to have pale Celtic skin, it is now a sign of beauty and elegance and does in fact make you look younger!

5. You have super thin over plucked brows!

All women of a certain vintage are guilty of over plucking our brows, but the fact is its out of date and not very flattering. Lucky you have a range of salon treatments and products to help define and build up the brow again. Healthy lush brows are now the in thing, invest in some brow wax or builder to get a more fuller effect to get you on trend. 

Thanks for reading x