Buff & Tough Manly Skin Care Solutions

The say men are from “mars and women are from venus” and when it comes to the skin there are also clear differences between both men and women's skin structure and so it makes since  that products to best suit the skin might differ.

You might be thinking men wouldn't care about their skin or invest in skincare and you would be wrong! The male grooming industry is a multi million euro industry worldwide and in ireland the male & skincare market in ireland is estimated to rise to €845m by the end of this year. Men are also very careful shoppers and it is estimated that men spend 42% more time researching products than women do and they also tend to stick with products more than women.

The truth is a lot of men are feeling the same pressures as women when it comes to appearances and their is a rise in male fitness and guys wanting disco muscles, 6 packs and toned physiques as well as clearer, smoother, wrinkle free skin. 

Working in salons through the years i can clearly see a rise in men having treatments like manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and laser hair removal and skincare product purchases for homecare.

What's the difference?

  • Hormones levels are different and so the impact of those hormones can impact changes in the skin structure. Men have higher levels of testosterone for example so the result of this is tendency for more oiliness, breakout activity, blackheads and if they do experience acne it can tend to be worse than a female due to the testosterone levels. We won't even talk about manopause the male version of menopause…. A real thing ladies! (worth a google) This obviously would impact the skin just as it does with women.

  • Most men will shave daily causing friction and increased sensitivity, and some men will also suffer with ingrown hair causing bumps and lumps under the skin's surface.

  • Before we feel too sorry for this buff men don't they have about 25% more collagen than us ladies so YES their skin can age slower than a woman's delicate skin tissue so they can look younger for longer once they look after their skin well if they look after it of course!

    Top 5 Men's Skincare Product Lines

    1.Bull Dog - Really popular affordable men's skincare line available in boots stores.

    2.LAB Series- Mens only skincare line available in Debenhams stores.

    3.Dermalogica SHAVE Men's Skincare - Dermalogica stockists nationwide.

    4.Clarins Men's Skincare- Shaw's Department store Carlow.

    5.Nivea Mens Skincare - Sam Mccauleys Pharmacy Carlow.


Top 5 Tips For Men`s Skin 

  • 1.Guys if you want to keep hold of that extra collagen wear an spf every day! Even when it's not sunny this will prevent uv damage and help preserve your youth.

    2.Trade in bar of soap for a proper treatment wash that treats your skin without stripping it.

    3. Even if you have oily skin moisturise- get a light moisturizing fluid you can get oil free formula if you need to, but never go without moisturizer apply morning and night, this will help hydrate and regulate oil production.

    4. Exfoliate- As a man's skin produces more oil and can be prone to more congestion insuring you exfoliate every week is essential to helping the clarity of your skin. Do take care to scrub gently as you don't want to damage the skin tissue.

    5. Don't use too much product- you might have big hands but you don't need lots of product to get great results often less is more.

    Thanks for reading,

    Till next time my beauties x