Eye Spy.........

The eyes are the keys to the soul and the feature that both captures and demands attention. They are also the first place on the face you will start to see the signs of aging, not surprising as they are 5-7 times thinner than skin anywhere else on the body. The under eye area is also lacking in collagen and elastin fibres giving less padding and plumpness and with fewer sebaceous glands mean the area is prone to dryness. You might also see dark circles around the area either occasionally or ongoing depending on your age and lifestyle this is due to the microcirculation (lymph & blood) around the area getting sluggish either from tiredness or illness or naturally from the ageing process leading to the dark appearance.  

In addition to the above components you also have contributing to the lines and wrinkles the continued movement of the eye area with expression movements from emotions and blinking- we blink in fact up to 10,000 times a day!

Because the eye area is so delicate its is important to always opt for a specialized eye products as opposed to a general moisturizer. Molecules in a general moisturizers are too large to penetrate the delicate eye area and so sit on the surface causing irritation or puffiness.

Molecules in a specialist eye product are designed to be smaller insuring they penetrate and work effectively for key eye care concerns.

There are some common eye care concerns that can be helped and often combated with the correct products and application techniques.

The application is often as important as the product itself, choosing a product can be overwhelming at times with so many available. I have sieved through some of the products on the market and found some lovely gems for you to help with the key eye care concerns. Don't forget to check with the brand professional regarding application techniques as they can differ between brands.

Dry & Sensitive Eyes

Clinique Superdefense SPF 20 eye cream

clinique eye creamjpg

Dark Circles & Puffiness

Benefit Potent Eye cream


Tired Eyes

Elemis Pro Radiance Eye Cream

elemis pro radiance eyejpg

Fine lines & Signs of Ageing

Dermalogica Total Eyecare

total eyecarejpg

Deep Lines & Wrinkles

Shiseido future solution eye cream

shiseido-future-solution-eye-and-lip-regenerating-cream 1jpg

Thanks for reading, till next times my beauties!