Keep Calm and Clear Those Spots!

It is a common misunderstanding that breakouts and spots and acne are just a teenage skin problem, in fact adult spots and acne is on the rise and with around 80% of 11 to 30-year-olds being affected by acne you are not alone if you suffer with breakouts. 

No matter what age you are spots and breakout are never a welcome sight, breakouts come in the form of papules, pustules cysts and nodules but also falling under the term breakouts comes blackheads, whiteheads (milia) and bumpiness. 

Skin physiology is different with genetic and high grade acne.

(excess papules and pustules, cysts and nodules )

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The  4 main causes of acne and breakout.

1. Excess skin cells

2. Larger sebaceous glands

3.Thicker sebum

4. Thinner or lack of hair

The good news is this can be managed and aided with your gp or dermatologist help and advice.

Often topical or oral medication are prescribed in severe cases - Oral medications like Accutane should be taken carefully and to be aware they often thin the skin as they exfoliate internally and externally, shrink glands and regulate oil production and so can sensitize the skin tissue but are often the best treatment for extreme acne conditions.

Doctors occasionally prescribe the contraceptive pill to help in balancing hormones in some cases to treat extreme breakouts.

Some triggers For mild breakouts / blackheads and occasional papules.


Comedogenic makeup (some makeup products contain dyes and other ingredients that can block the pores and irritate the skin causing breakouts for those prone to breakouts mineral based makeup is a best as it allows skin to breath)

Incorrect product use or choice (using products not suited to your skin's needs, that may be too heavy or contain nasty ingredients could cause breakouts and blackheads)

Stress (Stress triggers a change in hormones that can cause breakouts)

Hormones (around the time of your monthly cycles, pregnancy and other conditions may change hormone levels and lead to breakouts most commonly on the chin and jawline areas)

Friction (From your mobile phone on the jaw line or on the neck from scarves )

Poor Hygiene ( mobile phones with old makeup on them, dirty makeup brushes and old sponge applicators are some of the worst culprits) 

Again good news here you can visit your skin therapist who can provide excellent product and treatment solutions and professional advice to help clear the area.

Exfoliation products to remove dead skin, clay products to absorb excess oils and help remove impurities.

Antibacterial and anti inflammatory products to calm, soothe and control bacteria minimizing breakouts spreading and aiding healing. 

Acne Myths Busted!

Poor Diet:

False! It is true that eating well can improve the skin and when we have a poor diet it affects the skin's appearance and indeed cause an odd breakout, however acne as a skin condition in grades 3 and 4 (pustules, cysts and nodules) would not be caused by poor diet as it is often a genetic skin disorder.

Poor Hygiene:

False! The reactions that trigger acne take place beneath the skin not on the surface so how clean your skin is has little effect on causing acne in grades 3 and 4 but a good cleaning routine and correct removal of makeup products from the skin would help with overall appearance and skin health. It is common for people with acne or breakouts to over invigorate the skin by over cleansing because they feel that it's coming from the skin being dirty in some way and this is not the case and over cleansing will cause more damage to the skin.

Squeezing is the best way to get rid of breakouts : 

False! Squeezing or picking your   spots is likely to make your symptoms worse by spreading bacteria and possibly breaking  capillaries and can leave you with permanent scarring.

Sunbeds help improve the symptoms of acne. False!UV light is the main cause of premature ageing and can cause skin cancer among other conditions such as increased skin sensitivity, broken capillaries and pigmentation. UV can also increase dead skin cells on the surface which can lead to further blocking of follicles so it is not a safe or effective treatment for acne. The UV light makes us feel good and aids relaxation which is most likely to have improved the skin's appearance rather than the light itself healing the skin, but the negatives outweigh the good with this option so it's not recommended.  

You don't need moisturizer if you have oily skin: 

A healthy skin needs a mixture of oil and water to hydrate and it needs hydration to function correctly. So even with oily skin you will still need a moisturizer however you will need less oil and more water base and additionally ingredients to help balance and control shine throughout the day.

Thank you for reading,

Till next time my beauties x