Pregnancy Skin Solutions

When people think of pregnancy skin the first thing that comes to mind is normally a beautiful luminous skin glow, lush full hair and long talons. The truth is the skin is going through as much change as a Penneys till point! and that almost 100% of woman will see visible skin changes during their pregnancy.

The majority of these changes are coming from the hormonal shift in the body, increased blood flow and stretching skin tissue and although it might not  sound very inviting but  the reward is so great  it's worth every spot, vein and dark patch ten times over,  and at the end of the day it will all balance out following the little bundles arrival, i know because i'm part of that special  mummy club, also I have treated hundreds of pregnant clients in my work as a skin therapist and come across several conditions that are typical during with pregnancy skin.  There is also a pigmented line called linea nigra that runs vertically down the tummy often appearing in pregnancy. 

Breakouts - An elevation in  hormones called androgens can enlarge the sebaceous gland and cause a heavier gloopy consistency triggering acne to occur in some cases during pregnancy often lead to occasional breakout or in some cases aggravated inflamed acne conditions. 

Dry/Itchy patches - Along with the growing tummy comes a stretching of the skin tissue which may lead to some uncomfortable itchiness or dryness on the skin around the area. It is quite normal to experience some mild itching however do keep your gp informed as there is a condition that can occur during pregnancy - intrahepatic cholestasis which is severe itching and will require medical assistance. 

Stretch marks- Caused to due rapidly expanding skin tissue during pregnancy, and can be kept to a minimum with adequate hydration and nourishment to support the skin tissue. 

Sensitivity- The skin can become more delicate and unpredictable during pregnancy, sometimes having reaction or sensitivities to things otherwise you wouldn't, just as you could have craving for things you otherwise wouldn't. Photosensitive (sunlight sensitivity) is also something to take care with, ensuring you are wearing a good spf at all times to prevent burning or pigmentation on the skin. 

Pigmentation - Melasma is also called the veil of pregnancy or the mask of pregnancy as it affects the face area , although pigmentation markings can appear anywhere on the body. There 

is also a pigmented line called linea nigra that runs vertically down the tummy often appearing in pregnancy.

Spider Veins- With increased blood flow through the capillaries giving us that beautiful healthy pink glow it also has its downside in that it can pout additional pressure on the small capillary network leading to little spider veins appearing. This veins commonly appear on the chest and or leg areas.  

Below are some products to keep the above conditions to a minimum and your skin feeling and looking amazing during your pregnancy! (Always check recommendations with individual brand advisers prior to purchase)

Pregnancy Beauty Must Haves!


1.SPF - Minimum 30+ (to protect skin from further capillary damage and prevent pigmentation) 

Image Prevention spf available in factor 30, 32 or 50.


2.Stretch Mark Prevention Oil (something to hydrate and repair) 

Basq stretch mark oil


3. Facial Exfoliator (possibly with brightening properties) 

Dermalogica daily microfoliant


4. Serum (something brightening and that supports capillary network and brighten)

Image Skincare illuma Serum


5. Emergency Spot Treatment (something to apply directly on breakouts as needed)

Payot pate grise


6. Body Scrub (to smooth and brighten skin)

Basq citrus body sugar


7. Cooling Leg Gel (to cool and soothe tired achy legs)

Mustela Light legs gel


8.Mineral Water Spritz (to cool and refresh skin) 

Uriage thermal eau water


9.Eye Gel (to reduce puffiness and dark circles)

Image vital C eye gel


10.Hand & Nail Cream (to hydrate and condition hand & nails) 

Clarins Hand and nail cream



You're most likely going to have people tell you what to expect and various things to try that worked for them but and although they mean well it's important to keep in mind every pregnancy is different. During my pregnancy i heard lots of advice interesting advise such as using cold cabbage leaves on my boobs to reduce pain which was my favorite! and i also had lots of random people who i didn't know wanting to rub my tummy like i was some kind of lucky buddha statue.

The most important thing is to follow your personal recommendations from your gps and midwives to ensure your comfort and safety with products and ingredients and also your personal choice on the best thing for you and your baby. Above all enjoy and embrace this wonderful time that is without a super special occasion.


Thanks for reading,


Till next time my beauties X