Raising The Brow

Never underestimate the power of good brows! A good brow frames the eyes and lifts the face. Brows have changed in shape and style through the years but have always been a source of fascination for women because the slightest change can have the biggest of impacts, probably explaining why a beauty salon's most popular service is eyebrow treatments!


Currently the fuller healthy brows are favored over the thinner shapes coming full circle back from 1940s-1950s style of brows-See ladies hold on to anything long enough and it's sure to come back into fashion!

When it comes to brow treatments there is no shortage of options available to keep your brows looking shapely and groomed.


Eyebrow Shape:

Generally 3 popular options with eyebrow shaping which include Tweezing using a tweezers plucking each hair one by one to reveal a tidy shape.Waxing is another option which is popular as it's quick and easy and great for fine vellus hairs that can be difficult to see and grip with tweezers.

Threading is the third option and proving to be an increasingly popular one as it gives amazing definition and shape and just to clarify it doesn't break the hair it lifts from the root so it lasts just as long as waxing or tweezing results wise! I would highly recommend threading for brow shaping.


Eyebrow Tint: 

Tinting of the brows will require a patch test prior to treatment just like with hair dye to check how your individual skin will respond to the tinting products being used at the salon. It is a fantastic way to define the shape of the brows and is often done along side the brow shape for best results.Colours of tint vary and can be as natural or as dramatic as you would like. Tint normally lasts about 4 weeks but can vary depending on various factors which your beauty therapist will explain at treatment stage.


HD Brows or Hi Brow: 

Hd brows & Hi Brow are two brands that provide a complete brow service that combines measuring, shaping and tinting (generally a stronger tint than standard tinting to grab every tiny hair for maximum effect.) It's all about definition and precise shaping to suit face shape and natural features.



Microblading is the technique where hair stroke design making fine incisions in the skin is used for it can look very natural it is done by hand no machinery is used. It requires an experienced

brow artist trained in the service to achieve the best results. It is often called semi permanent brows.It will require top ups, the amount vary depending on client.  



This can be described as semi permanent or permanent makeup or sometimes referred to as eyebrow tattooing and it uses a digital machine and the colour/pigment is implanted deeper into the skin/dermal layer this is why it lasts so well. It does tend to last longer than microblading due to machinery pushing pigment deeper into the skin.It will require top ups, the amount vary depending on client.


Brow News!



Across the island salons and beauty professionals are signed up to the latest fundraising campaign from Barnardos children's charity. Salons that are signed up will be donating 20% of each eyebrow shape done between June 15th-June 24th. So if you need your brows done this is the perfect time to look good and feel great with supporting this great cause.


If you want to support here are some of the salons In the Carlow area taking part in the campaign to get in touch with:


Beauty Republic, Kennedy Street Carlow; Phone (059) 917 3522


Butterfly Beauty Plaza, Carlow;Phone (059) 913 0031


Rustiq Tullow Street, Carlow;Phone (056) 777 2548


The Beauty Boutique Rathwood, Tullow;Phone (059) 915 6847



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