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In a busy fast paced world where it's not always easy to eat as healthy as we would like or get enough essential vitamins and minerals in our diets the use of supplements is becoming increasing popular especially in beauty routines.

The skin being the largest organ in the body affected by both internal and external factors including what we eat and apply to the skin's surface.

While having a good skincare routine and the correct products make for a healthy skin it has its limits largely due to the amount of free radicals within the environment as well as induced through diet, lifestyle, stress, and illness etc.

If you're wondering what a free radical is - It's an unstable and destructive molecule that causes both ageing and illness among other conditions, the use of antioxidants in diet and skincare are popular in stabilizing and neutralizing these destructive molecules. A simple visual of the damage done by free radicals would be,  if you leave an apple in half and leave exposed it goes brown that is free radical activity that caused that to happen.
Skincare companies are aware that topical products hold limitations due to the high level of free radical activity people are exposed to daily and tend to use high levels of antioxidants to help protect the skin and some have developed skin specific vitamin supplements in addition. To give you an idea we are exposed to an average of 10,000 free radical hits daily even with product on, this is  the same amount you get per inhalation per cigarette causing you to age an average of 10 years more than a non smoker.

Use of specially formulated skin specific supplements are designed to feed and support skin health from the skin inside and deliver potent antioxidants and essential minerals to turbocharge effects of topical skincare products for maximum results! which is a good thing as customers are more depending in terms of results with their skincare products nowadays.

There are some fantastic! supplements currently on the market that deliver vitamins and minerals particularly for skin health and aiding in treatment of various skin conditions including ageing, acne and more.
IIAA- Advanced Nutrition Programme

Available from Beauty Republic Carlow  (phone- 0599173522) or IIAA stockists nationwide.

Price-From 65 euro


Image-Yana Daily Collagen Shots

Available from Beauty Republic Carlow (phone- 0599173522) and Image skincare stockist nationwide.

Price- 99 euro

yana- imagejpg 

Murad - Skin Supplements

Available from and Murad stockists nationwide.

Price-From 65 euro

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Lumity- Anti Ageing Supplements

Available online at

Price £79 - pounds sterling


(NOTE: Always check with the brand adviser on best recommendation of use and or your doctor before starting a new supplement. For best results use alongside professionally prescribes skincare products from a skincare professional)  

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