Slowing Down The Ageing Process.....

Have you ever heard someone say you're lucky your mums skin is lovely or your granny's skin is amazing you have nothing to worry about with ageing? When it come to aging people naturally expect to age just like those relatives before them and sometimes can take the good genes for granted. Unfortunately i'm hear to tell you a little secret….. Only 10% of our ageing process comes from our genetics a staggering 90% comes from what you do to your skin & body yourself so we can't blame mum or dad anymore!

It's time to take responsibility of our own aging process and take action in slowing down and holding back the hands of time. The good news is science and skin technology has advanced massively over the decades and although we can't stop ageing all together we can definitely slow it down. Products selected and used correctly for your skin types and conditions can slow aging  to a reasonable rate and make you look as good as you can for the age you are.

Although products are fantastic it is important to remember even without them you can impact the slowing of your ageing by some simple steps that don't cost anything! Hear is a list of the TOP 5 biggest causes of aging …..

  1. UV LIGHT: Wear your spf everyday even on a cloudy day! Lots of people just put spf on when they feel heat, if you feel heat that is Infrared light not UV.  You can get uv exposure all year round and this is the number one cause of ageing.

  2. SMOKING: Smoking excels ageing rapidly breaking down essential collagen and elastin fibers and can damage the dna structure with the skin cells. One cigarette puff gives you over 10,000 free radical hits the equivalent to a whole day's worth of environmental damage.

  3. STRESS: This is a difficult one but stress especially prolonged stress can not only age you externally but also internally and can trigger several illnesses. Managing your stress levels is important because it is not possible to avoid stress altogether, so finding a way to cope and minimize it is very important in modern life.

  4. DIET: The purpose of food is to fuel and recharge the body and mind eating well and having a healthy balanced diet will reflect in your skin. Foods rich in natural vitamins and minerals will do wonders for your well being and your skin and if you have a sweet tooth like me a little dark chocolate will do the trick and the good kind is packed with antioxidants!

  5.ENVIRONMENT: with extreme weather changes, wind and cold, central heating and                  environmental pollution is hard to avoid the effects of the environment. So remember to cleanse your skin morning and night and always use antioxidant rich skincare to keep the skin sealed and protected. Many product lines now carry items with environmental shields and heat regulators etc so ask your skincare consultant about what's available with your preferred brand.

Youth in a bottle


(My personal Favorite Top 5 skincare items for slowing down ageing)

Image Spf 50 Moisturizer (moisturizer that protects against environmental and uv damage)

Dermalogica multivitamin power recovery masque (energizes the skin and gives the look of 8 hours sleep perfect after a party or before a wedding, great for smokers skin as it contains a high level of antioxidants)

Skincode cellular anti age eye cream (covers all eye aging concerns including tiered puffy, fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles)

Dermalogica daily microfoliant ( brightens the skin, evens the texture and helps with ensuring better product delivery of serums and moisturizers- super gentle on my skin)

 Decleor aromessence oil - Neroli (stress buster product that triple boosts your moisturizers hydrating properties and the essential oils aroma help reduce stress and calm the mind)

Thanks for reading,

Until next time my beauties x