The Stress Factor!





You recognize the feeling…...blood pressure rising, flushed face, twitching eyes, forehead tightening, your breathing changed and you feel like you’re on a merry go round that’s spinning out of control! If you recognize this feeling you’re not alone even celebs are not exempt from feeling stressed from time to time. Stars that admit to feeling stressed include Angelia Jolie, Kendall Jenner, and Zayn Malik, some even suffer with much more serious anxiety including Adele and David Beckham.


What is stress?  

Stress is a natural chemical reaction triggered by external environment, lifestyles and situations. The results of stress can range from mild to advanced physical, emotional or cognitive symptoms to advanced medical ailments.  

An example of a type of situation that might trigger stress:

I am running late for work, sitting in the car I’m stuck in traffic in heavy rain and arrive late to work. My boss is angry and gives out about my lateness. I am just about to leave work when I have to deal with a customer complaint with a very upset customer which causes me to leave work late. I arrive just as the doors of the creshe are closing and home to arrive the electricity bill.

Symptoms of Stress 

Sleep problems

Negative thoughts & depression

Skin conditions

Back problems

Headaches & migraines

Weight problems

Heart problems


How to control & reduce stress?

As we know even celebs can be effected by stress here is some coping strategies used by the stars…... Michele Obama describes exercise as being therapeutic and a great stress relief tool. Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow both enjoy meditation as a stress reliever while Gerry Halliwell opts for yoga to stay calm and flexible.

Here are some other methods you might like to try-

Walks in nature

Listen to music

Massage or relaxation therapies

Time management

Keep a diary

Get enough sleep

Eat well & stay hydrated

 Until next time, Thank you for reading x