Your Travel Beauty Guide

It is that time of year again… the sun, the sea and sand are calling us to soothe our weary bones and recharge our busy minds.

Although we look forward to the idea of going on holidays we are often conscious we will be showing a little more skin than usual  as we take in the golden sun shine so we often panic and hit the gym, do some crazy diet and throw ourselves into an invigorating beauty routines to look our best for the holiday season.

The truth is you look great as you are but every little helps in building our confidence and revealing our inner beauty.

To help in and feeling your best for your travels from  honeymoon or summer holidays to dirty weekend or midweek break away.

Holiday Prep Checklist

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1.Book into the salon for your waxing! Trust me you don't want to be shaving every day of your holiday and missing quality time with your family or friends. A good wax will last about 4 weeks and also it lifts dead skin cells so gives you a nice soft skin finish it's totally worth it! I recommend eyebrows, underarms, full legs and bikini of your choice :-) You might even go wild and invest in a hollywood wax that's the full monty for anyone not too sure!

2.Definitely a manicure & pedicure with a long lasting polish like shellac is a must do! Shellac lasts up to two weeks so it's a much better option than regular polish. With your pedicure i would opt for one that focuses around hard skin build up on the feet leaving them soft to get you flip flop ready.

3.Want to avoid the panda eyes by the pool and save space in the toiletry bag - why not try an eyelash tint & eyebrow tint! (If you haven't had one yet don't forget to get a patch test)

4.No one wants to be a milk bottle on the beach when they arrive on the beach so a light sunkissed glow can be just the thing to put  a spring in your step! There are some amazing spray tans out there that fade nicely and have beautiful natural tones so you don't have to look like an umpa lumpa.

Beauty Bag Must Haves  

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1.Body Spf -NEW Image sprays 30+ or 50+

2.Face Spf -Image prevention spf 30+ or 50+

3.Hydrating Mist- Uriage thermal water spray

4.Cleansing wipes- Neutrogena pre moistened cleansing towelettes

5.Hydrating moisturiser - Pestal & Porter Hydrate Moisturiser

6.Eye Cream-Dermalogica total eye care with spf 15

7.Exfoliator-Elemis Skin Buff cleansing exfoliating cream

8.Leave in conditioner- Aussie Miracle Recharge Shine Leave in Conditioner

9.Body cream with soothing properties- Moroccan Oil After Sun Milk

10.Hydrating facial mask - Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Mask

In Flight Beauty Tips  

1. Drink water during flight, avoid alcohol and caffeine

2.Avoid wearing makeup but if you have to bring wipes with you to clean your skin once on the plane.

3.Apply a mask it's the perfect time you will be seated for a while and while others are getting dehydrated you will be hydrating and plumping the skin to ensure a fresh face once you arrive at your destination.

4.Apply a spritz of your hydrating mist as needed to give a blast of moisture.

5.Apply a good moisturiser before leaving the plane if you're shy with a naked face just pop on some lippy and big glasses on your way to the hotel.

*Important Sun Safety Notes*      

  • Invest in a good pair of sunglasses with uv filter cheaper sunglasses while fashionable don't always give the best uv protection for your delicate eye area.

  • If you have coloured hair you might want to get a colour protector spray or conditioner to ensure you get the best protection for your treads in the strong sunlight or alternatively keep a hat on during the day- this is always a good idea regardless of hair being coloured or not.

  • Take care not to use hydroxy acids while on holidays, hydroxy acids cause your skin to become photosensitive this means it attracts uv light faster and you may burn more easily so avoid using them on holidays and always keep your skin protected with spf daily, and don't forget to apply regularly or as directed on packaging.

  • If you are having laser hair removal, waxing or any advanced facials or specialist skin treatments speak to your therapist before going on holidays and make them aware in advance as laser like hydroxy acids and some other ingredients can make your skin photosensitive and must be stopped well in advance of your holiday. Your therapist will be able to advise you best on pre-care and aftercare for the best results and safety in the sun.

Thanks for reading my beauties,

Until next time x

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